March 2, 2017


Media Reports

2015 567 Cape Talk Radio Interview

Expert interview with John Maytham discussing issues around facial composite construction


2015 SABC SAFM Radio Interview

Radio segment regarding my research into the hampering effects of composite construction, and possible new techniques of face construction


2015 Newspaper Article in the Cape Argus – 19 May 2015

Newspaper interview on my Ph.D. research and a new facial composite construction program currently in development

2015 UCT Media Report – 20 May 2015

UCT interview on my Masters research regarding why witnesses struggle when constructing facial composites


2015 UCT Department of Psychology Announcement – 4 May 2015

UCT announcement on my research winning two prizes at the 2015 UCT Postgraduate Research Expo


2015 Carte Blanche Video Segment – May 2015 (In Production)

Carte Blanche video interview and demonstration on various aspects of facial composite construction, along with a simulated construction using a new composite program.