March 2, 2017



2012 – Present


Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Cape Town

I am currently completing my dissertation part-time and am due for submission in April/May. My Ph.D. research investigates facial composite construction and possible issues that can hamper recognition performance in police line-ups. From my research, I have found that following construction, witnesses become more conservative and uncertain about their memory for the original perpetrator, and this is displayed in their line-up decisions. I am looking into a new method of constructing composites that does not sacrifice recognition accuracy. One of my Ph.D. sections involves a year-long fieldwork study with the South African Police Services where police officers of the Facial Identification Unit (of the LCRC) were video-recorded during their composite construction sessions with eyewitnesses.

2010 – 2011


M.A. in Psychological Research, University of Cape Town  

I obtained my M.A. Psychological Research degree with a first-class pass, and my dissertation with distinction. My dissertation is currently in the process of being written up for publication. I have presented chapters of my thesis at various international and local conferences, and have won awards for the work done.

2009 – 2010


Honours Degree in Psychology, University of Cape Town

I obtained distinctions for all my subjects, as well as for my dissertation on facial composite construction and composite morphing. This thesis has since been published in the South African Journal of Psychology. My thesis was nominated for Best Dissertation Award. I achieved the entire degree with distinction and was accepted into the prestigious Psychological Research and Neuropsychology Master’s program (only six positions offered).

2006 – 2008


Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Cape Town

I majored in Psychology and Sociology. I achieved distinctions and first-class passes for my subjects, graduating each year with a distinction, and the entire degree with distinction. I remained on the Dean’s Merit List throughout my undergraduate career.



Matric Exemption, Fish Hoek Senior High School

I enrolled in extra subjects throughout high school (above the maximum) and achieved distinctions for English, Afrikaans, Biology, and Geography. I was in the Top 10 in the school in academic performance, and achieved the highest mark in the year in English. I was awarded the Past Pupil’s Trophy for Most Outstanding Achievement to the school. I was nominated to participate in the De Beers Diamond Mining English Creative Writing Olympiad, where I finished with Gold. I received my National Academic Colours for Academic Performance.


Continuing Education

2017 Initiating and Planning ProjectsUniversity of California Irvine

Projects, PMBOK, Stakeholders, Scope, Influence.

2017 Budgeting and Scheduling ProjectsUniversity of California Irvine  

Resource Needs, Quality Management, Estimating, Scheduling.

2017 Managing Project Risks and ChangesUniversity of California Irvine

Project Communication, Managing Project Risks, Change Happens.

2017 Project ManagementUniversity of California Irvine

Scope, Planning, Scheduling, Stakeholder Analysis, Work Breakdown Structure, Human Resources, Monitoring, Controlling, Closing Projects.

2017 Machine LearningStanford University

Linear and Logistic Regression, Regularization, Neural Networks, System Design, Vector Machines, Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems.

2017 Fundamentals of Graphic DesignCalifornia Institute of Arts

Imagemaking, Typography, Shape, Colour, Composition.

2017 Data Visualization and Communication with TableauDuke University

Data Visualization, Dynamic Data Manipulation and Presentation, Logic, Stories.

2015 Master’s Course in Statistics Using RUniversity of Cape Town

Regression, Factor Analysis, Multi-Level Modelling, General Linear Models.