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A little bit about me.

I am a twenty-nine year old researcher, data analyst, and project coordinator, in the finishing stages of my Ph.D, which is due to be submitted in May 2017. I obtained my Masters Degree in Psychological Research from the University of Cape Town. I have always loved research and data, and the particular stories that numbers can hold. I am highly imaginative and am always trying to find new ways of displaying data creatively, and presenting it in a way to make it more accessible and understandable to everyone. I have also been employed as a researcher for seven years and have worked with teams from around the world. I thoroughly enjoy writing, design, and have a wicked sense of humour.


My areas of expertise


I have taught various classes at university in the use of different statistical techniques and software, including, Excel, SPSS, Statistica, R, and STATA. I have taught in classes ranging from first-year Psychology up to Honours-level statistics. I have also taken a Masters-level course in R.


I have worked as a research administrator and assistant on different projects for over seven years. Over these years, I have collaborated with various academics and institutions around the world, and have published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. I hold my work to the highest standard.


I have worked as a project manager on various research projects, being involved in projects from conception to write-up, and working with fantastic teams and academics from around the world. I also organise annual conferences as part of an inter-institutional knowledge collaboration.


I love writing and have a great passion for creative writing, copy-writing, and editing. I obtained a Gold Medal in the De Beers Diamond Mining English National Olympiad, and was awarded trophies for my achievements in English. I also have a soft spot for oxford commas, lists, and puns.

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